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A Couple of Startups are Leading the Way to Cleaner Bums!

A Couple of Startups are Leading the Way to Cleaner Bums!

The times they are a-changin’, and so are toilet trends.

In many Asian countries, dry toilet paper has long been considered a substandard, unhygienic option for freshening up after a bowel movement. In these countries, the most common practice is to use water (in the form of bidets), while the second choice tends to be wet wipes.

Why? The moisture does a better job of removing any remaining grime than a standard dry toilet paper wipe.

Unfortunately, bidets can be expensive to install and maintain. Most full-featured bidets start around $400 USD, and the popular models cost as much as $700-$1,000 USD. Most use electricity in addition to water, which factors into ongoing utility bills.

Wet wipes, on the other hand, have a huge environmental footprint. They frequently end up littered on beaches and in waterways. Additionally, wipes cause an alarming number of costly plumbing blockages — as much as 93% of all sewer blockages in the UK, according to the Guardian.

A lot of major toilet paper brands, such as Cottonelle, have begun selling wipes in addition to dry paper, encouraging consumers to add wet wipes to their dry wiping regimen. However, though wipes may make you feel clean at the time, there are better ways to freshen up your bum that don’t leave plastic fibers lingering permanently in our waterways.

Thankfully, new brands like SATU laboratory and Tushy are taking eco-friendly, next-level bathroom hygiene to the mainstream. While Tushy is popularizing the bidet (and even portable bidets), SATU is kicking wasteful wet wipes to the curb with its new toilet paper gel.

Toilet paper gel is trending because of its clean, fresh feeling without extra work or waste. Gel sales are growing fast — in the near future, toilet paper gel might even be as common as soap in public bathrooms.

Ready to try it? SATU laboratory Toilet Paper Gel is available in here.



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