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3 Reasons To Use Toilet Paper Gel Instead Of Foams, Sprays And Flushable Wet Wipes

3 Reasons To Use Toilet Paper Gel Instead Of Foams, Sprays And Flushable Wet Wipes

When it comes to bathroom hygiene, we certainly have options. From the gels, foams and sprays to wet wipes, how do you know what’s best to use?

Take our word for it: Toilet paper gel is the next frontier of bathroom hygiene. Not only is it a sustainable, eco-conscious option, it’s an easier and healthier way to clean between the cheeks. Check out our top three reasons to use toilet paper gel over foams, sprays or wipes.

1. Gel is OK to flush — unlike wet wipes.

Despite what the “flushable” labels say, wet wipes don’t flush well. They’re filling up sewer systems, littering rivers and beaches, even killing ocean life. What’s worse, nearly all of them contain plastic, which never breaks down completely. Animals from plankton to whales could accidentally ingest these waste particles for hundreds if not thousands of years.

How big is the wet wipe problem? Wipes make up 93% of the matter found in UK sewer blockages and cost the country an estimated £100m a year.

When you use a gel product like SATU Toilet Paper Gel, you’re doing your part to eliminate dangerous and costly wet wipe pollution. Unlike wipes, our gel dissolves in water, making it 100% flushable.

2. Gel cleans sensitive skin better.

While dry toilet paper can get most of the job done, your bum won’t be perfectly clean after dry wiping. A little bit of “leave-behind” tends to stay on your behind. However, if you add a little gel to your toilet paper, the combination adds moisture for a thorough backside cleanse.

Dry wiping can also leave your sensitive areas irritated, or “wiped out,” if you will. The skin around your butt is particularly thin and delicate, and should be treated with care. Using a gel helps to give you the gentle-yet-thorough clean you need. SATU’s gel is specially formulated with vitamins E and B5 to moisturize your skin and help heal any irritation caused by over-wiping.

When compared to foams and liquid sprays, gels are better designed for sanitary cleansing. Gels are especially good at removing bacteria from the surface of your skin, as well as keeping pores unclogged. (Buttne? No thanks, we’ll pass.)

3. Gel keeps toilet paper intact & hands clean.

One of the biggest advantages of gel over a foam or liquid spray is that gel won’t oversaturate toilet paper the same way. SATU’s special formula prevents the gel from soaking through the paper, meaning it won’t break apart while it’s doing its job, and your hands won’t have to do any (ahem) dirty work.

Ready to try it? SATU Laboratory Toilet Paper Gel is available in here.


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