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Time To Swap Those Wipes For Something Flushable

Time To Swap Those Wipes For Something Flushable

Did you know that no wipes are truly flushable?

When you flush wipes down the drain, they don’t break down like conventional toilet paper does. Instead, they either wind up in rivers and streams, or turn into what are called fatbergs — giant masses of wipes and other non-flushable materials congealed with cooking fat inside sewers.

Considering wipes are made with plastic or other synthetic fibers, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they can’t break down like a traditional paper square can.

No matter how many wipe companies join the “flushable” marketing bandwagon, wipes continue to fail third-party testing.

In a recent study conducted at Ryerson University in Ontario, 101 products failed international wastewater industry specifications for toilet and drain-line clearance, along with disintegration. Not a single wipe passed these tests. 

“Many people think that because [a label] says flushable, the government is saying it’s safe to flush. But that’s not the case,” says Barry Orr, a sewer inspector who led the study on flushable wipes at Ryerson University. “There is absolutely no regulation around labelling something as flushable,” he adds.

“People need to understand there is nothing safe to flush except for human waste and toilet paper,” says Orr.

We know wipes are a convenient choice for hygiene, or sewer-clogging fatbergs wouldn’t be a growing issue around the world. That’s why SATU Laboratory has created an alternative to wet wipes that can get you just as sparkly clean — without the hassle of flushing plastic wipes.

Introducing SATU Laboratory’s new Toilet Paper Gel: Just add a dollop of gel to your toilet paper and voila! You have the equivalent of a wet wipe, but one that is truly flushable.

Ditch the synthetic wipes and get clean with something you can really flush.

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