UK Government Plans To Ban Wet Wipes

Wet Wipes Saved From Oceans & Sewers: 1 401 349

Stop the Crap! Clean Up with Toilet Paper Gel

£100 million is spent annually to address 300,000 sewer blockages in the UK. A 2017 study found that 93% of the materials that cause these blockages are wipes flushed down the toilet.

The same thing is happening in the US. In October 2018, Charleston Water spent $140,000 to fix damages caused by a 12-foot long clog of disposable wipes. A similar clog happened again in June 2019 and cost another $60,000.

It seems to have become an unfortunate trend. So, before you use that wet wipe, imagine its tiny plastic fibers clogging sewer systems, filling up landfills, or harming marine life.

A More Environmentally-Friendly Alternative to Wipes

“I’m using flushable wipes so it’s fine.” But is it really fine? Flushable wipes are indeed flushable, but that doesn’t mean they break down in the wastewater. Pre-moistened wipes are not designed to readily disintegrate when exposed to water. These wipes go all the way through to sewage treatment facilities, causing blockages. Some of them end up forming fatbergs – those big icky congealed masses of wet wipes, grease, cooking fat, and non-biodegradable solid matter.

How the heck are we going to wipe down there, then? The simple answer to that is something we’ve been using for a century now – the toilet paper. Toilet paper easily degrades in water and is, thus, more environmentally friendly. The only downside to it is that it can be a bit rough on the derriere. Well, this is no longer an issue with toilet paper gels.

Toilet paper gel is a water-soluble material applied to dry toilet paper to make it softer and more effective in wiping and cleaning. Moreover, it’s 100% safe to flush and won’t harm the environment.

Cleaner, Smoother Bums with Toilet Paper Gel

SATU laboratory has been at the forefront of greener and cleaner beauty and hygiene products. With many consumers now actively advocating green lifestyles, the SATU Gel Wipe is now among its most popular products.

SATU Gel Wipe makes ordinary toilet paper feel softer and more natural to use. It makes sure that you’re effectively wiped off and won’t leave any trace including foul odors.

As if that alone wasn’t good enough already, SATU still found a way to take this product up a notch. This gel is formulated with vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5 to moisturize your sensitive areas and heal skin irritations.

Better than Foam or Liquid Spray

Toilet paper gels are much better than foams or liquid sprays that tend to soak through tissues and cause them to break apart while wiping. If you’ve ever had tissue tear up while wiping, well, you’d know how messy it is afterward.

Unlike foams or sprays, SATU Gel Wipe doesn’t oversaturate the tissue so it won’t break apart during that critical moment, helping your precious fingers stay clean. Moreover, it’s designed for deep cleansing and can unclog pores while removing waste from your skin.

The Bottom Line

You can keep your bottom clean without getting the earth dirty. Understand the repercussions of using materials that are non-biodegradable and those that cause environmental damage. If you exercise due diligence, you’d find amazing products that are effective, affordable, and environmentally friendly. So, choose only those that are good for you, for your family, and for nature.

SATU laboratory toilet paper gel is available in Amazon US, UK & Australia.

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